General Boarding Information

General Boarding Information

Y-Farms Kennels General Boarding Information

Proof of vaccinations (Rabies, bi-annual Bordetella, and DHLPP) is required for all boarding animals.

 Reservations & Availability: Please contact us as soon as you have a date set for your trip or vacation, we have seen our kennel fill up at any given time. We will only take a limited amount of dogs to board at the kennel. Our kennel facility is flexible but to insure that we have the kennel space available please feel free to text Jennifer 225-445-5012 or call Brad at 225-938-2973. Also, our email address is Jen@y-farms.com.

Facility / Amenities: Our indoor boarding facility is located behind our home in our white kennel building. Please drive to the white building when dropping off and picking up your dog. If our automatic gate is closed please use the pedestrian gate to walk your dog to the boarding kennel. You are welcome to stop at the house first to make sure that someone is at the kennel to assist you.

The dogs have air conditioned and heated sleeping quarters. The dogs will have outdoor time to exercise and play with other dogs several times during each day. During the day, the dogs are allowed to socialize indoors, with one of our kennel attendants supervising their playtime.

***Even though Y-Farms has "cage free" play yards with 6 foot commercial fencing, if your dog is an escape artist, extreme digger or climber we may not be the facility for your dog.

For your dogs' safety he/she is crated for nap and nightly sleep time. If you choose to send a doggy blanket/bed for your dog to use for sleep time please make sure that it is labeled with your dogs' name.

We offer a complimentary spa quality bath for dogs that board with us 1 week or longer. This bath includes shampoo/conditioner, brush out, blow dry, routine ear cleaning & cologne.

***Please notify us at time of drop off, what day and time you will be returning for your dog so we can schedule to have your dog bathed and ready to go home.

If your dog is staying for less than 1 week, we will gladly bathe your dog. The cost is $20.00. Please make arrangements with us at time of drop off so we can schedule his bath time. Any items (dog toys, blankets, medications, treat & dog food containers) that are left with your dog during his/her stay will need to be labeled for identification purposes

Feeding: While your dog is staying overnight, we offer Victor Puppy and Dog Food. However, if your dog is on a special diet please provide his/her own food. Please separate and label your dogs' food with his name and feeding instructions. Feel free bring as many treats and bones as you would like for your dog to enjoy during stay. We ask that you do not bring food/water bowls, we would hate for yours to be misplaced or broken while at the kennel.

Special Needs /Medications: Please inform us if your pet has any particular health or medical issues. If we need to administer medication while he is at our kennel. There is no charge for us to administer oral medications. However, we do charge $5.00 per day to administer medicines that are taken by injection such as insulin.

***Please have your dogs' name and dosage instructions written on their medication & their paperwork at time of drop-off.

We ask that you inform us if your female dog is in “heat” or due to come in “heat” while in our care so we can take extra precaution during group playtime. We will allow non-neutered males to board with us, however he will be monitored closely for any signs of aggression with other dogs. If he becomes aggressive, we will keep him kenneled for the duration of his stay with us.

***If your dog has been under recent medical care & has medical restrictions, we suggest that for the health of your dog that you have your veterinary board your dog for you.           

Also, let us know if we should use additional caution to handle your pet (bad back, sore joints, hip dysplasia & seizures). Just like children, dogs get bumps and scrapes while playing. If your dog or puppy has a minor injury we will address any medical needs here on site.

At the discretion of our staff, if we feel that an injury is serious, we will notify you immediately and make any veterinary arrangements if necessary.

Payment: Payment is due at time of drop off for any dogs that will be staying with us longer than 1 week. For short term boarding your payment is due at pick up. We accept Cash, Checks & Credit Cards (please note that credit card payments will be subject to a 3% bank fee).

 Drop off & Pick up: Our kennel hours are Monday -Friday 8 am - 6 pm, Saturday 9am - 2pm, Sunday 2pm-4pm. If your pet is not picked up by 12pm, we will charge for that day’s boarding. We allow drop off & pick up after hours on some weekends & holidays, if arrangements are made ahead of time.

 ***Please keep in mind that our kennel is located at our home and in order to have some normalcy for our family we ask that you try to adhere to our hours listed above.

After boarding with us: Please don't be overly concerned if you have a "tired pup" after his stay at Y-Farms. It is not uncommon for your dog to need to rest for 3-5 days after boarding with us. It is much like humans who have been out of town; you just don't rest as well away from home. Your dog has also had a lot of playtime, outdoor activity and stimulation during his stay with us.

Visits: We always welcome visits to our kennel however please contact us ahead of time to set up an appointment. We generally have a busy schedule with dog training as well as boarding clients dropping off and picking up their dogs.

*** Please understand that we are at the kennel with the dogs most all day every day, it is very hard for us to answer phone calls due to the noise level. If you need to speak with someone right away please try calling Brad at 225-938-2973. If you can't reach Brad, please send a text message to Jennifer at 225-445-5012 or send an email to Jen@y-farms.com to get a quicker response.