Y-Farms 2nd Chance Bud

Y-Farms 2nd Chance Bud  5 Training pic of Bud Bud during training as a 2 1/2 yr old Hunting in North Dakota Bud hunting in North Dakota as a 1yr old
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Bud is good looking 70lb Neutered Male. He is a Miles & Rally son from their first breeding in 2014. Bud is a sweet dog with a very quiet nature. He loves spending time with our family on our farm, he is a excellent family companion.  Bud lived with us for the first 2 years of his life, he was trained by us for his owner who lives out of town. The owner has another retriever and recently decided that he didn't need 2 duck dogs, so he sent Bud back to us. Bud is a nice working retriever. He is obedience trained, force fetched & E-collar conditioned. Bud will retrieve multiple ducks, he is steady to shot & is whistle trained.  He will pick up blind retrieves to the duck as well. Bud has dove and duck hunted with our family. 

We are currently training Bud at a Seasoned-Finished Retriever level.

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