Camp Y-Farms Boarding & Training

Camp Y-Farms Boarding & Training

Going on vacation? Have a busy schedule? Is your dog overweight? Is your dog having an issue with his manners? Our board & train program is for you! During our board & train program your dog will stay with use . We will train with him/her on a weekly basis.


Your dog will work on:

  • learning good manners 
  • basic obedience on and off leash
  • enjoy lots of free time on our farm
  • come home a better behaved dog


Our "Board & Train" program is for all breeds of dogs, it is a shorter program designed to target "problem issues" that you are having with your dog at home. Such as excessive barking, jumping on others, destructive & defiant behaviors, weight loss & etc.

In addition to daily obedience training, through out each day your dog will have outdoor playground time as well as a lot of one on one time with our staff.              

We strongly recommend that you will allow your dog to stay with us for a minimum of 3 weeks for Board & Train Camp. We often help our clients with follow up sessions over time to reinforce what has been taught to your dog, while he/she has stayed with us in the past. Please remember that takes time and consistent training for your dog to be completely obedience trained.

After daily training each dog is allowed to unwind on one of our 6 dog yards. The dogs are out and about most all day every day. We put them in their kennels at dinner time and for the night. During inclement weather the dogs are brought into our indoor kennel building, where they can enjoy some free time or rest. Unlike other training kennels, we do not force the dogs to stay in a enclosed kennel all day. We believe that they need free time to unwind and just be a dog.

Our goal at Y-Farms is for you and your dog to live a happy, balanced life together. 

 Contact us to schedule year round' Camp for YOUR dog!

$250.00 per week for Doggy Campers  


*** Please understand that we are at the kennel with the dogs most all day every day, it is very hard for us to answer phone calls due to the noise level. If you need to speak with someone right away please try calling Brad at 225-938-2973. If you can't reach Brad, please send a text message to Jennifer at 225-445-5012 or send an email to Jen@y-farms.com to get a quicker response